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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Name Game

So I am thinking about changing the name of my blog before I go too much further. I had originally wanted "Ecocheapo", but that was taken, as well as a few variances of it that I checked. I like Simple Butta, but I am sure people are like "What the heck is Butta?". Well, I am. Butta was my nickname for a great many years when I attended, volunteered at and, ultimately, worked for NH Teen Institute. We were all about nametags and one time, someone wrote "Is smooth like Butta" under the "Heather" on my tag and the Butta ended up being more visible than my name and the new attendees started calling me that. It sort of caught on and sinced there were about 10 other Heather's (I think my parents thought they were being real original, but so did everyone else in the 70's) it helped to have a different title. Some old school Teen Institute folks and others from youth retreat days still call me it. I don't mind, I'm still pretty creamy.
But now I am thinking I should have a more befitting moniker for my blog. Maybe EcoFriendlyFrugal? Or Earthy&Frugal? Cheap&Green? I am open to input. So if you happen to notice that you are redirected to something other than Simple Butta, don't be alarmed, it's still me. Just with a new nametag.

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